Online escape room AS COMPANY ACTIVITY?

THE online escape room BY Social Spel is THE SOLUTION TO DO SOMETHING FUN DURING THe lockdown!

 Your colleagues are working hard, but hardly anyone notices because everyone is at home. Normally, you would have Friday afternoon drinks or a nice dinner, but not this year. How do you reward those who work hard for you? And how do you provide social contacts within your company in these times? is the solution for an online company activity which meets all requirements.

Online Escape Room
The online escape room has been played by more than 700 companies. With a lot of fun and teamwork, the Mystery of the Hoogeboom Mystery will need to be solved. Teams of 6-8 persons will get an hour to find out where the ICT manager Pieter de Roon is and what has happened to him.

Or go for the escape room  full of deceit and deception: Follow The Money. A successful security company, two directors, 15 employees, a lustrum celebration…and then things go wrong! What is happening in this company? One thing is sure, director Edmund Braafheid is afraid of what is going on, but what is going on? 

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Josh Smith
Josh Smith
Lees verder
Had a really great evening by playing the online escape room! This game takes you, also because of the excitement, to another place for an hour. A great experience I would recommend everyone.
Emily Roberts
Emily Roberts
Lees verder
Super cool game to play with colleagues remotely! Certainly to be recommended!
Laura Camper
Laura Camper
Lees verder
Great remote entertainment with colleagues in quarantine times.
Lees verder
Escape room, but digitally. Had some great sleuthing! Was constructed very well. 😄


The Hoogeboom Mystery is a great adventure in times of quarantine. Via the app group, you will receive tasks from the director of a school. By logging in to secret websites, solving puzzles and clues, you can solve all mysteries. You agree on a time with your friends/family and add the school director. The 60 minutes start…

Step-by-step plan: 

  1.  You play the game in teams of 3-8 persons
  2. You participate in a video call for optimal communication, You can choose your own software for the video call. We do not participate in this.
  3. You create a WhatsApp group for your team. According to our instructions, you will add the school director, Hans Dremstijn, 10 minutes before the game starts.
  4. The game starts with videos and challenges from our game moderators, in the role of Hans Dremstijn. We actively guide the game, give tips & hints, ask questions and make sure that all groups, no matter the level, have a great time. Interaction and fun is what it is all about! Have fun with colleagues, even at a distance!

The Mystery of the Hoogeboom College is about director Hans Dremstijn, who has lost his ICT manager, Pieter de Roon. Pieter has to be make sure the teachers can teach online and this is not going to happen without him. Will you find Pieter within 60 minutes?

The goal is to sole the Hoogeboom Mystery within 60 minutes. The average ‘solving time’ is 51 minutes.

Good question! With as many colleagues as you want!

First, it is important to know that we advise to play the game with 3-8 persons per group, so each individual has a sufficient contribution and keeps the video call somewhat organized. We do not have a minimal or maximal number of groups.

Make sure you are ready in one WhatsApp group 10 minutes before start of the selected time slot.

In the confirmation mail of your booking, you will find the telephone number of Mr. Dremstijn, the school director. Add this number to your WhatsApp group and the game can start…


Not much 

Everybody who is participating should be at the ready in the same WhatsApp group. Also, at least 1 person has access to the internet. A good internet connection is important when playing. It is also useful if someone has a laptop or desktop at hand to look up things. During testing, we have noticed that it is useful to join a call together as a group via Teams, Skype or Google Hangouts.

A lot! There really are no limitations. Please contact us if you want to play the game with the entire company, we can facilitate this in various ways.

Ha, easy question!

We supervise every game in person! You are not talking to a computer but to one of our involved game moderators. Interaction and fun is very important to us!

We are opened 7 days per week, up to 15 hours per day. Is your favorite time slot not available? Let us know, we are happy to arrange it for you!

SocialGame is offering exactly the fun and relaxation you are missing at the moment. We offer the greatest online interactive solution to do something cool with your colleagues during lockdown!