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The absolute, undisputed number 1 online game is the Digital Escape Game. Solving puzzles & mysteries under time pressure and web sleuthing provides the fun and excitement to make it seem as if you are really together again for a moment. At, already more than 100.000 participants have joined 1 of our escape rooms.

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The most played and best reviewed online escape room of the Benelux and now coming to the UK! The most exciting and fun hour during the lockdown. Are you ready to solve this Mystery? 

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 Edmund senses somthing is amiss and hires the best private detectives he could find…you!! Play the starring role in this escape game full of deceit and deception.

What is an Digital escape game?

The absolute, undisputed number 1 online game in an Digital Escape Game! What what does this mean exactly? In an digital escape game, you accept, together with friends, colleagues or family, the challenge to solve a mystery within 60 minutes! Not physically in a room, but completely online and remotely. Under time pressure, you will try to solve puzzles & mysteries together and sleuth the web for clues and answers. At, already more than 100,000 participants have joined one of our escape rooms. Will you give it a try?

HOW DOES AN digital escape game WORK?

Good question! All our digital escape games take place in a WhatsApp group. You will form a team together (3 to 8 persons) and create the app group. You will add one of our involved game moderators and then the game will starts with clips, puzzles, and questions. By solving these puzzles, tracing clues, and logging in to secret websites, you can solve all mysteries! To be able to see each other and to work together well during the game, we advise starting a video call. The intensifies the experience. Have fun!